Which are the top lawn care tools that every homeowner should have?

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Proper maintenance of your lawn is the key to having a clean and appealing outdoor space throughout the year. However, you can only be able to achieve this if you have the right lawn care tools, particularly if you are a DIY homeowner. DIY lawn maintenance is not only cheap, but it also gives you a chance to create the lawn and landscape you want. Here you will learn some of the basic lawn care tools that you should have in your garage or shed if you wish to maintain your lawn without professional help.

Lawn mower

Unless you have installed synthetic grass in your backyard, you will need a lawn mower for your natural grass. Not only does mowing help in maintaining the grass at an acceptable height, but it also keeps it neat and even. Lawn mowers are available in various sizes and configurations depending on the type of application.

If you have a small lawn and are not ready to invest in an expensive mower, a manual reel mower will get the job done efficiently. For an averagely sized lawn, you can buy a motorized walk-behind mower. If your lawn is large and can’t be mowed using a manual or motorized mower, you can purchase a riding mower for the job.

Lawn rake

Trees are bound to shed leaves during the autumn, and you want to ensure that you have the right tools for clearing the leaves from your lawn. Lawn rakes are ideal for clearing leaves and grass clippings without damaging the grass. Since they don’t use gas or electricity as leaf blowers do, you can save much on utility bills. Also, rakes are quiet and can be used at any time of the day.

When purchasing a rake, make sure that you get a lawn and leaf rake. Lawn rakes are lightweight and used to clear dry leaves and grass clippings. Leaf rakes are heavy-duty, and this makes them suitable for clearing weighty waterlogged leaves.

Pruning shears

Shears are not only used for pruning small trees and shrubs. They can also come in handy when maintaining your lawn and garden beds. The pruning shears that are used for lawns are known as grass or edging shears. These are designed for edging garden beds and creating a neat outline around them. They can also be used to push the soil away from the edges of the grass. If you have any shrubs or overgrown plants and flowers in your garden, you can prune them using your grass shears.

Garden hose

Natural grass needs to be watered once in a while to keep it lush, green, and healthy. Water also strengthens the roots and prevents winter damage. You will need a garden hose to water your grass throughout the year, especially when there is no rain. Avoid giving the grass a quick watering during the dry months as this will cause the roots to grow near the surface. Instead, give them a good soak at least once or twice a week, and this will go a long way in strengthening the roots.

Finally, invest in a pair of quality gardening gloves to protect your hands from splinters and cuts as you work on your lawn and garden.

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